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SNA50 is an acoustic pressure controller. Its purpose is to forbid average acoustic pressure higher than 105dB and peak higher than 120dB in every place of the room. SNA50 connects between mixing desk and power amplifier.

Thanks to up to date technology, SN50 does not modify original sound dynamic,and does not reduce it, in anyway, like will do an ordinary compander or limiter. Sound quality and transparency are preserved.

SNA50 features:

* An acoustic regulator, using a soft slope, modulation peaks integrator. Rising and falling time are adjustable to reach an average level under 105dB.

* A fast limiter at 120dB.

Acoustic pressure is controlled using a dedicated sensor. The sensor is water and smoke proof, and is settle near the loudspeakers. The use of a sensor, for the acoustic measure, allows to ignore the amplifiers level settings, and particularly, to take into account the amortization of the room (for example: difference empty room, full room).


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