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SN60 is a sound intensity supervisor. It must be used in rooms without sound system, when the only control is the power supply switch off, penalty in accordance with decree 98-1143.

SNA60 continuously monitors the audio pressure Leq value (audio slippery average on a 10 mn interval). If the value exceed the one you choose, the penalty occurs as a 10 seconds power cut.

A second overflow we bill punished the same way. The power cut will be definitive on the third overflow in the same hour, and the reset is only possible by the installer.

The acoustic pressure uses a dedicated omnidirectional sensor CAP60.
SNA60 checks the complete system integrity, to avoid fraudulent manipulation

SNA60 features a dry loop, intended to cut the mobile sound system power supply, through a power sensor.

SNA60 allows three different pressure levels, according to the time.
SNA60 features:
• A display for all settings.
• An output for display using two light indicators Red, Yellow, Green (RJV30) indicating the Leq audio level drift and the 3 penalty indicators.
• One output in dB (Laeq) on AFF display.
• RS232 output for computer

All these points answer perfectly the requirements of the decree 98-1143 issued 15th December 1998, and specially to the measurement link control.

Available in 2 versions:

- SNA60B PACK 01: SNA60 + CAP60 + RJV30
- SNA60B PACKNORM: SNA60 + CAP60 + RJV30 + AFF16

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