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The technology used for sound control in global absolutely not degrade the signal dynamics like a compressor.

Measuring the acoustic pressure sensor is transmitted to the computer which integrates audio peaks with a very gentle slope adjustable, rise time and fall time.

The SNA70 is a dual system of regulation globally and octave band frequency 63Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz and 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz by adding optional cards.
• VCA technology
• Balanced Inputs/out compatible
• Band of octave double regulation system by global level 63Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz (1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz in option)
• Control uses either sound sensor, or SNA70 incoming electrical signal analysis while saving the value into historical file.
• Microprocessor circuit with keyboard for programming, calibration and start by the fitter.
• Display Hour/Minute, Day/Night, Year and leq or lAeq pressure.
• Automatic winter/summer time change.
• Computer interface to download historical and faults.
• Lid Plexiglas and hide connector with lead seal.
• Choice of three curves of answer for the acoustic analysis allowing to take into account the grave first and foremost.

Available in 2 versions:

- SNA70B PACK01: SNA70B + CAP60 + RJV30

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