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The SPL20 allows both audio pressure level metering and recording. The associated sensor is CAP65. The measurement and recording can be done either in A or C frequency weighting, they are therefore globally level.

The measurement is performed simultaneously in fast and time weighting (Leq) 1mn, 5mn, 10mn, 30mn and 60 minutes.

Recording is at user's choice in time weighting 1mn, 5mn, 10mn, 30mn and 60mn.

Reading and settings use LAN port (IP network). It is possible to connect several SPL20 on the same network, allowing audio level analysis in various places, like for large rooms, or stadium. Each SPL20
will have its own IP adress.

A very important feature is the embedded web server.

Real time reading allows instantaneous level display (1s integration), Leq level (1mn, 5mn,10mn, 60mn) and a Leq variation graph. Historical exportation is in text, CSV or HTML format.

USB port supplies power, and is used for internal software update. A 5V power supply with USB connector is supplied.

Two static relays output (Opt-Mos) allows external equipment switching. These outputs allow to switch a light (requires an interface) or audio level control. One of these outputs allows to supply AFF05, a level indication unit, featuring 5 different colors lights (-3, -1, 0, +1, +3 dB).


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