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The audio regulation process does not corrupt the signal dynamics as will done an ordinary limiter or compressor.

The audio pressure measure is sent to the computer which includes the very soft audio peaks (with adjustable attack and decay times).

This process results in a maximum average audio level equal to planned one, without any perceptible effect for the listener. Sound and transparency are preserved.
* VCA technology.
* Balanced Inputs/out compatible.
* Control uses either sound sensor, or SNA50 incoming electrical signal analysis while saving the value into historical file.
* Microprocessor circuit with keyboard for programming, calibration and start by the fitter.
* Display Hour/Minute, Day/Night, Year and leq or LAeq pressure.
* Automatic winter/summer time change.
* Printer and computer interface to download historical and faults.
* Lid Plexiglas and hide connector with lead seal.
* Choice of three curves of answer for the acoustic analysis allowing to take into account the grave first and foremost.
* filter Cards in option.

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