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The integration of the display AFF06 can be wherever it is necessary to raise public awareness of noise pollution levels and its nuisances: schools, libraries, open space, shops, bars and busy streets .

The AFF06 measures and displays threshold noise levels by three very representative stylized pictograms in the shape of a smiley face , grinning or very sad.

The equipment contains all the necessary elements, that is to say on the electronic acoustic sensor and the display panel. From the point of view of electrical safety AFF06 feeds low voltage with a separate block, allowing its integration in places exposed to adverse conditions.

The threshold sound level triggering and time and frequency weighting are easily configurable by a layman without using a computer to start up. Nevertheless, the settings are also graduated in dB to allow configuration expressed by a health directive.

The case of sound sensor can be deported from the display if the display should be done in a different place from the point of measurement.

The wall-mounting device is equipped with a kneecap to allow the ideal orientation.

This display is also available in large format(450x450x55mm)under the reference AFF10.

AFF06 size: 265 x 150 x 60 mm

Available in several versions:

AFF04: Additional display case - Small format (265x150x35mm)
AFF06: Housing with sensor, digital processing and display - Small format (265x150x60mm)
AFF08: Additional display case - Large format (450x450x30mm)
AFF10: Housing with sensor, digital processing and display - Large format (450x450x55mm)


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