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The integration of the display AFF08 can be wherever it is necessary to raise public awareness of noise pollution levels and its nuisances: schools, libraries, open space, shops, bars and busy streets .

The AFF04 displays threshold noise levels by three very representative stylized pictograms in the shape of a smiley face , grinning or very sad.

The AFF04 is an additional display of the AMIX displays (AFFseries-2, AFF16, AFF06). It can not be used alone.

The equipment contains a display panel, it can be self-powered by an AMIX display type AFFseries-2, AFF16, AFF06 or AFF10.

The wall mounting is equipped with a ball joint to allow the ideal orientation.

This display is also available in small format (265x150x35mm) under the reference AFF08.

Size AFF04: 450 x 450 x 35 mm

Available in several versions:

AFF04: Additional display case - Small format (265x150x35mm)
AFF06: Housing with sensor, digital processing and display - Small format (265x150x60mm)
AFF08: Additional display case - Large format (450x450x30mm)
AFF10: Housing with sensor, digital processing and display - Large format (450x450x55mm)

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