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The CAP40 is a measurement microphone which has been designed specifically for measuring sound reinforcement in PA-systems.

It is designed to work with the sound level displays série AFF et the limiters AMIX series SNA.

It is particularly studied for the measurement of sound levels on itinerant systems such as musical festivals.

Its case is designed to be fixed on a stage microphone stand like exactly as a classic microphone.

The narrow tubular construction ensures that the microphone has negligable influence on the sound field so that an increase in soundpressure is avoided with high frequencies.

A natural reproduction is achieved due to the linear frequency response.


• Linear frequency response in the diffuse field/under 90°
• Omnidirectional polar pattern
• Calibrated close circuit voltage
• Narrow tubular construction

Additional Features & Benefits

• Sound pressure sensor
• Dedicated to mobile installations
• Complies with the class 2 features

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