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Embedded web serveur - IP connection

AFF17 is an acoustic pressure level display which allows a simple and efficient visualization of ambiant acoustic pressure levels (in bars, dance floors, theaters, village hall etc...).

&bull Displays on a triple device under A or C weighting.
- Central display: leq choice 1s, 1mn, 5mn, 10mn, 30mn, 60mn.
- Bottom left display: leq choice leq 1s, 1mn, 5mn, 10mn, 30mn, 60mn.
- Bottom right display: peak level.

&bull Two outputs GPO1 and GPO2 (RJ45 connector) provide alarm signal or external warning.

&bull Reading and setting use LAN port (IP net)

• AFF17 features an embedded server allowing configuration and reading the SPL level, using any web browser, under any OS. It does not requires a special software.

• Works as a stand alone or in a network

• According to decree 98-1143, and norm NF S31-122-1-2017.

• Supplied with a foot kneecap, for optimum beaming.

AFF17 size: 265 x 150 x 35 mm
Standard NF S31-122-1-2017

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