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Archives - Excessive sound level display

• Excessive sound level display uses by a user defined scrolling message. This message is activated by SPL20, AFF17/25/32 according to the preset level.

• AFF40 is not a stand alone device.

• 21 signs 21mm high or two lines 40 signs 10mm high.

• Readable up to 10m.

• Supplied with PCS340 interface to connect to SPL20(or AFF16/17/25/32) using RJ45, to supply SPL20 and AFF40,and to connect up a computer RS232 for message recording purpose. A 12V power supply is used to feed the equipments.

A few messages exemples:

→ On a dance floor : “Warning you have exceeded the maximum allowed sound level”

→ In a library : “Too much noise, Please respect the tranquillity of readers”

→ In a pub: “Too much noise, Please respect the tranquillity of neighbours”

→ In working areas: “High noise level, use noise protection equipments”

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