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DPR10 is a digital audio message reader. Audio is 16 bits 32KHz coded and stored in a non volatile EPROM. The result is a very good audio signal quality, much higher than the one found on equivalent systems with minimum frequency response.

DPR10 favours quality offering audio from 10Hz to 15KHz. Its up to date technology allows 16 seconds messages, and unlimited readings without any change in audio quality. The capacity can be doubled by only changing the EPROM (as an option). If required decreasing the sampling frequency will increase the storage capacity, of course, to the detriment of sound quality.

Reading is controlled in using a dry loop or a voltage, present or not present, according to the rear panel dip switch setting.
This information is duplicated by two separate contacts on/off available on a subD15, as well as a balanced analogue audio output.

An other "DIP switch" selects mode single or repeat. Two leds on the front panel show the DPR10 state ; Ready or Play. A test switch checks the equipment operation. Output level is set using a multi turns pot on the rear panel. An unbalanced RCA output is available.

DPR10 faces all supply cases. It can be powered from mains or a continuous 12V called backup.


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