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DAP40 maintains high quality, sharing out 2 stereo modulations ( A and B) towards 5 stereo out(1 to 5).

All outputs have individual amplifiers to remove any interaction between out.

* 1 or 2 stereo inputs towards 5 stereo outputs, or 1 mono input toward 10 mono out, or various stereo and mono combinations.

* Balanced inputs / outputs with XLR.

* Input modulation choice (A, B or A + B mix) on each output.

* Every output can be switched on mono, apart from the others.

* Every output has its own exit volume.
Application :
* Allocation of one or two modulations towards equipments functioning on different levels or formats.

* Distribution of the Broadcast studio consoles antenna output.

* Distribution of the recording modulations.

* Stereo or mono mixed distribution.

* In nightclubs, DAP40 will be able to manage the modulation of two broadcast suites plus distribution towards two rooms with any combinations wanted.

* Using DAP40 is appropriate everywhere where one seeks a modulation distribution on different levels, different formats (balanced or unbalanced), different modes (mono or stereo) while preserving a dynamic optimal quality(+26 dBu input and output), a wide band-width, a very low distortion and an excellent ratio signal/noise.

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