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Archives - 6 Micro/line mixer amplifier - 200W/100V outputs

PRM65 is a mixer/amplifier.


* 6 microphone input channels with XLR and a switchable phantom supply
* 6 unbalanced stereo line channels with cinch (mono reduction).
* 1 automatic fader via channel 1 (mic or line) or via channels 1 and 2 (mic or line) on the output modulation
* 1 adjustable extension input control with XLR
* 1 main bass/mid/hi equalizer
* 1 line level switchable insertion with cinch
* 1 recording output with cinch
* 1 balanced extension output for another amplifier with XLR
* 4 x 100 volts output channels with Speakon. The 200 watts power is complete, it has to be distibuted between the 4 outputs
* 4 separate zones.

Only 100 volts with 2 speakon outputs. Fading possible by zone, with helping of 6 positions switches.


° EQ Card (Filter card)
° VCA10 (VCA card)
° ALM10 (Alarm control card)
PRM65 with its multi-zone amplification and "all-in-one" design, is best suited to sound systems requiring multi-amplification such as hotels, commercial centres, streets, etc...

The PRM65 is indispensable for a rental company as, by simply adding sources and speakers, it becomes a complete, compact system.

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