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Archives - 8x2 Stereo Mix Matrix with paging

MTA82 is a mix matrix designed for the users who need solutions to mix, to route and to send modulations, to manage configuration automatic recall in all audio environments.
MTA82 can be controlled by a programmable automaton via a RS232 link.

— 8 channels / 15 inputs :

* 4 balanced micros inputs: 2 with autofade and 1 in front panel.
* 8 unbalanced line inputs.
* 2 balanced line inputs.
* 1 paging input assignable on all outputs with main signal diminishing.

— 2 balanced and unbalanced stereo outputs:

By output :

* Bass/Hi control.
* Mono/stereo switch.
* Autofader sensitivity.
* Paging level.
* Right and left independent volume control.
* Pre-monitoring on the headset output and vumeter.
* Gain control via VCA (control on front panel, on deported control, or via an external automaton RS232).

— Each input can be routed to any output, then controlled on front panel or by RS232 external link.

— 4 user memories allowing to save 4 different configurations.

— 1 type N1 program memory, with new configuration automaticaly saved when the user makes a change.

-Inputs to outputs allocations and mic/line configuration of the inputs are saved in memories.

— The audio part of the mix matrix is designed around electronic switch technology to avoid mechanical switching noises and crackles.


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