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MIX34 is a very compact box (slimrack range)which allows pre amplification and mix of the 3 balanced inputs (mic or line level).

* All types of microphones can be connected to MIX34 thanks to its 48V phantom power supply.
* Each mic has its own sensitivity setting via potentiometer, screwdriver slot behind front panel.
* One independent volume per channel.
* XLR line level balanced output.
* Peakmeter (Leds bargraph type) on general output.
* Line level balanced Direct output on each mic with "Sub-D".
* MIX34 is a slimrack range box. The FRT 200 adaptator allows to set one or 2 boxes of that type, 19" rack format, 1U.

Application :
*Micros pre mixing.
*MIX34 allows to free channels on a sound mixer, grouping 3 mics on only one input.
*Mic amplification without sound mixing.

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