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Stereo mixer 4 mic/6 line balanced

MIX11 is an ideal mixer for small sound systems. It will find its place in bars, reception halls, conference rooms , town halls ...

MIX11 has 10 sources, including 4 micro/line commutable inputs, and 2 input lines. It is also equiped with 2 level adjustment plus mono commutation stereo outputs (1 balanced on XLR and 1 unbalanced on RCA).

• 4 XLR balanced microphone inputs switchable to 4 RCA stereo lines.
• The first micro is connected on the front panel using XLR.
• 2 stereo line inputs on RCA.
• Independent volume control on each channel.
• Micro and line 1 or 1+2 are given priority via an automatic switchable damping system (Voice over).
• Stereo recording outs on RCA.
• Main balanced outs on XLR.
• Main unbalanced outs on RCA.
• Overall Bass/Mid/Hi equalizer.
• Main volume control with independent right and left controls.
• Switchable mono allowing two independent sends.
• Right and left sends Peakmeter.
• 1 headphone output in front panel.
• Phantom power supply (option).


MIX11 is the ideal mixer for small sound systems. It will find its place in bars and reception rooms. It is also recommended in conference and meeting rooms for microphone mixing.

Additional Features & Benefits
• 4 microphone inputs
• 2 line inputs
• Independent volume per channel
• Peak-meter on right and left sends.
• 1 headphone output

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