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AFF17D is an acoustic pressure level display which allows a simple and efficient visualization of ambiant acoustic pressure levels (in bars, dance floors, theaters, village hall etc...).

It is in conformity with article R.1336-1-II-3° of Decree N°2017-1244 of August 7th, 2017 relating to the risk prevention related on the noises and the sounds amplified for the part concerning the display of the sound levels.

Attention in addition, to be in conformity with the article R.1336-1-II-2° of the same decree, it will be necessary to entrust the recording of the sound levels to a limiter SNA60, SNA50 or SNA70. In the absence of a limiter, it will be necessary to choose the display/data logging AFF25D.

• Displays on a triple device under A and C weighting:

- Central display, weighting A or C: choice of Leq 1s, 1min, 15min
- Bottom left display: A-weighted equivalent continuous sound pressure level over 15min. LAeq15min
- Bottom right display: C-weighted equivalent continuous sound pressure level over 15min. LCeq15min

• Two outputs GPO1 and GPO2 (RJ45 connector) provide alarm signal or external warning. Choice for each GPO of weighting A or C and Leq 1s, 1min or 15min.

• Reading and setting use LAN port (IP net)

• AFF17D features an embedded server allowing configuration and reading the SPL level, using any web browser, under any OS. It does not requires a special software.

• Works as a stand alone or in a network.

• USB port is used for software upgrade.

• Supplied with a foot kneecap, for optimum beaming.

• 12V power supply included.

AFF17D size: 265 x 150 x 35 mm

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