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Archives - Sound level display (AFF15/AFF20/AFF30)

AFF15 and AFF20 are acoustic pressure level displays which permit a simple and efficient visualization of ambiant acoustic pressure levels. It can display 10 minute Leq*, 5 minute Leq*, 1 minute Leq*, 1 second Leq* and peak level (*Leq = A filter Level equivalent).

AFF20 also saves following acoustic pressure level each minute :10 minute Leq (or 5 minute Leq according to chosen display), 1 minute Leq and peak level.

AFF30 also saves following acoustic pressure level. These levels are sound level recording in 10 mn LAeq, 8h LAeq and peak level. It is specially designed for noise protection in working areas (according to norme 2003/10/CE).

AFFseries range is made to answer to decree 981143 concerning musical places. AFF15 and AFF20 are certified true to NFS 32122 european norme.

* Acoustic pressure displays in bars, night clubs, entertainment places... (AFF15/20)
* Acoustic pressure displays in canteens, swimming pools, gyms, workshops productions ... (AFF30)
* Recording of acoustic levels record, allowing edition and accurate analysis of acoustic pressure evolution. (AFF20/30)

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